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4 Strangest Chinese Theme Parks – Study Chinese in China

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

As China catches up with the world in terms of economy and education, so too is it catching up with entertainment and leisure. Now when you study Chinese in China there is much to do when it comes to out of class activities and fun. One only has to look back 10 years ago when past students had little if any means to truly enjoy them self. But like everything else things change fast and now not only bars, pubs, nightclubs, movie pictures, and 1st world shopping facilities are seen popping      everywhere, so too are theme parks.
Most interesting about these amusement parks listed are their wacky themes which they are based upon. For a taste of that off-kilter China entertainment magic, here are the top four strangest theme parks in China and the lowdown on some upcoming openings.

1) Shijingshan Theme Park
Many past study Chinese participants are aware of Shijingshan theme park. It had been involved in a much heated debate after it was “exposed” by a Japanese internet site for violating Disney copyrights. As a study Chinese in china participant you can visit and get your own opinion. Some say to label this world as a “replica Disney” is slightly farfetched. What is true however, here you can shake hands with Donald Duck and pose with Sleeping Beauty. So although the words Disneyland replica may be strong, what is true Shijinshan theme park has borrowed, possibly even heavily.

2) World Chocolate Wonderland
As a study Chinese in China student you will be taken to many historical sites like the Terracotta Warriors and the Great Wall. But one interesting Theme Park allows students to instead of viewing their clay, stone and mortar structure, view their chocolate structure. World Chocolate Wonderland has conjured up chocolate relics. Other attractions at the theme park include interactive chocolatier classes, a sweet shopping street and even a fashion show with all of its models wearing clothes made entirely chocolate! Let’s hope it’s a hot day!

3) World Joyland Theme Park
This theme park thrills study Chinese in China students who are into gaming. Fitted with its own computer terminals, visitors can game their hearts out! The park also features roller-coaster, lazar-tag, etc. and has a 4-D cinema extravaganza, showcasing ferocious dragons.

4) Little People's Kingdom of Dwarfs
One great thing about studying Chinese in china and becoming a study Chinese student is there are many things one will experience that would simply be impossible to experience within home countries. One decent example of this is The Little People’s Kingdom of Dwarfs ! The park is exactly what the name suggests; it is a park full of dwarfs. Located in south China near Kunming, this theme park hires over 100 “little people.” Its theme has attracted controversy but the truth of the matter is the park hires individuals that would be unable to find work elsewhere. Looking and understanding the situation from this perspective, one may come to the conclusion that the west thinks too much. If you are able to sit back and relax as these individuals perform some wonderful performances then the Little People’s Kingdom Of Dwarfs can really provide to be a good day out.


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