The Global Language Mandarin Programs are about pure immersion in China


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China’s universities are undergoing rapid improvement and expansion.


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Global Language offers a choice of 13 different cities for you to study in.


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Tsinghua University – Excellent Chinese Language Study Course Destination

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

One of the most reputed institutions where you can learn Mandarin in China is the Tsinghua University. It is a regular on the best universities in China ratings and has consequently earned itself the title “MIT of China”. This renowned institution was established back in 1911 and is located in Beijing’s Haidian district. It is guided by the dictums of self discipline, social commitment and dedication to academic excellence. This university is favored for its multidisciplinary approach and which allows students to take up Chinese language study courses in addition to a variety of other studies.

Tsinghua University boasts a couple of schools including the Tsighua Law School, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Business and Management, Academy of Arts and Design and School of Public Policy and Management. With a population of 28,000 out which 2,500 are international students, you can rest assured of enjoying the company of many local and foreign students as you take your Chinese language study course. will help you to make all arrangements needed for a comfortable yet fruitful learning experience here.

Study Chinese in Beijing – Get the right facilitators

Everyone looking to have a career with an international outlook should consider learning Chinese as a second language considering China’s influence on the world economic scene. However, this language, with its different dialects, can be quite difficult to muster and this is why many people choose to study Chinese in Beijing so that they can be among its native speakers. This way you can directly be able to learn the expressions, intonations, and other depths of the language.

Mandarin study in China is provided by several universities notable among them the Beijing Language and Cultural University (BLCU) and Tsinghua University among others which have very good programs offered in durations of 4, 6 or 8 weeks or even as semester academic years.

It is generally hard to personally plan your study in China, after all this is a country that is foreign to you. For this reason many people depend on with regards to its vast experience in formulating study Chinese in Beijing programs which consider everything from tuition, accommodation and medical insurance, to even trips around China.

Learn Mandarin in China at the Renowned Beijing Language and Cultural University

One of the best locations where you can obtain Chinese language courses in China has to be the Beijing Language and Cultural University (BLCU). After all, it was the first institution of higher learning in China that was created to cater for foreign students looking to learn Mandarin in China.

BLCU was established in the 1950s and is located in Beijing’s Haidan District in close proximity to other top universities. It was established at a time when the teaching of Chinese as an international language was still in its early stages and as such BLCU played a significant role in the development of this course.
Beijing Language and Cultural University is renowned for its wide mix of students of different nationalities and who currently form 10000 of its 14500 total student population. BLCU therefore gives you a rare and exciting opportunity to learn Mandarin in China while being in the midst of people of diverse cultures. is a guide that you can trust to provide all the assistance necessary in finding a Chinese language study experience like no other at BLCU.

Shopping Outings for those who Learn Chinese in China

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Four words which sound excitingly fascinating today but impossible 10 years ago “Learn Chinese in China.” Students who jump on the opportunity to explore, experience, and taste this exotic land never look back

China is the fasting growing nation in the world, combine this with the largest population in the world and you have the recipe for the largest economic giant this planet has ever seen. China has already surpassed Japan in the #2 spot for largest economies, and it is expected to surpass the USA for #1 spot within 10-15 years.

For those who do decide to learn Chinese in China get prepared to engage in language courses that are very challenging. Chinese is completely different to any western language. Outside of the classroom it is important to mix hard studying with fun times and local interaction. One fun-time activity which gets students practicing the language materials learned in class is shopping and with China known as the “Factory of the world” shopping options in cities such as Beijing can be limitless

Panjiayuan- Beijing
Panjiayuan is an experience in itself and is one great place for those who learn Chinese in China to begin their shopping excursions. It is located near the heart of the city next to the Temple of Heaven. In the large courtyard, salesmen sit in rows with blankets filled with various vases, jewellery, china, statuettes, pearls, Mao-related items and more curiosities. There are a hundred or so small shops around the yard so get prepared to stay for awhile. As with all outdoor shopping markets within China, for those who learn Chinese in China it is important to bargain and to use Chinese when doing so. This will separate you from the tourist group allowing you to receive cheaper prices. One must bargain hard however, as it is expected and required when on the lookout for a good idea

Salespeople and Recommendations
Salespeople are friendly and professional. They know what they are doing! When you receive an initial price for an item come back with a price half that and say that is all you can afford. From here start bargaining. Remember the old “walk away” trick. If things start to head for a stalemate then walk away. If the seller really wants a sell he/she will call you back. It works 8 out of 10 times.

Global Language sees the importance in social interaction with locals, and shopping outings serve as a fun activity which gets students out and practicing the materials they learnt in the classroom. Students will be taken to a variety of shopping “hotspots” all the time being accompanied by staff who are fluent in both Chinese and English. Tips, advise, safety, and entertainment will all be supplied allowing for those who learn Chinese in China to “let their hair down” enjoy the moment and learn the language

Other outings will also be included such as restaurant outings; nightlife outings; and cultural outings. All of these activities are based on one principle, “to safely get students mingling within Chinese cultural, allowing them to flourish and get them on the path to Mandarin language fluency.”

Study Chinese and Martial Arts in China

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Many people are interested in learning martial arts in China but there is always some difficulty in making the requisite arrangements and especially if you do not know where and how to begin. With the help of you will not only get direct links to an institution that offers martial arts lessons aka Wushu but also where you can study Chinese in Beijing or Shanghai.

Many students who are training in martial arts in China also attend Mandarin classes after their training sessions, and of late this has become a popular option especially with foreign students. We have already helped many people to land the opportunity to study Chinese in Shanghai and Beijing, and other than Wushu we can help to place you in institutions where you can also learn Taiji quan/tai-chi and Qigong, Chang quan, and SanDa or Shanshou. is your ideal link to the Beijing Sport University (BSU), the institution that is renowned for nurturing some of China’s greatest martial arts athletes and coaches. This is also a fine institution in which to study Chinese in Beijing thanks to its teaching professionals and access to the latest Mandarin language teaching materials.

Learn Chinese in Beijing at Tsinghua University

Many people are looking to learn Mandarin in China as this way they can eventually manage to be at par with the original speakers of this language. One of the best locations where you can learn Chinese in Beijing is Tsinghua University and which is commonly referred to as “the MIT of China”. Its multidisciplinary approach which allows students to learn the Chinese language plus any other subject is what makes this institution popular as a center of excellence.

At we help students who are looking to learn Mandarin in China in making the necessary arrangements for a smooth transition and a comfortable and productive stay while there. We have wide experience in facilitating learn Chinese in Beijing programs and we also have all the details you may need to secure a learning opportunity at Tsinghua University.

Whatever stage you are in Mandarin, be it a total beginner or proficient, we will have you sorted out in our summer, single semester or full academic year programs. What’s more, we will arrange for your accommodation, internship opportunities, and even tours around China.

Chinese Universities Are Becoming World Renown – Learn Mandarin in China

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Modern China has become a land full of growth and opportunity. The dragon has begun to awake and at the heart of its fire is education. Education is a huge part of China’s dynamic new economy. Scientists, researchers, and teachers are looked upon as super stars and role models. With this new found attitude and thirst for education, Chinese universities are becoming world-class centers of learning and research attracting many not only in pursuit of bachelors and MBA’s, but also those who wish to learn Mandarin in China

Chinese education is both meaningful and rewarding as universities are becoming leaders in their field thru class room curriculum and with up-to-date facilities which are gradually becoming more advanced than their western counterparts. For those who wish to learn Mandarin in China or take advantage of the affordable world-class education then there is simply no better time than now.

Over the past three decades China’s economic has developed at rates never seen before in recent human history. Within 30 years it has been able to transform itself from one of the poorest countries in the world to a regional and global leader with a vibrant economy. Since 1980, the average annual growth rate for the nation has equaled out to about 10% – more than twice the United States and the European Union. China is now the world’s second largest economy and if growth continues at this rate, China is expected to outpace the USA within 10 to 15 years making itself the world’s number one largest economic power. This growth pattern makes it all the more important to learn mandarin in China as you will experience and understand the world’s largest market.

With this rapid advancement of economic growth, Chinese universities have also grown and reeked in the benefits of such a vibrant active economy. Students in China have an opportunity like never before to learn about Chinese language and culture. As China continues to play a larger and larger role in the global economy, Chinese universities will continue play a larger and larger role in quality domestic education.  These home grown talents graduating from Chinese universities will have the skills essential for future international business, science and more.

In order to meet the demand of future intellectuals, Chinese universities provide practically all forms of programs and courses available. If China does not offer it, no one will offer it. Economics, business, engineering and medicine are some of the more popular programs for international students who do not learn mandarin in China.

The fact is that over the past 30 years, China has been able to transform itself from the core outwards. Within the heart of the dragon lies education. Chinese universities are seen as the fundamental necessity of producing intellects which will go on and develop the nation further. This emphasis on education has pushed Chinese universities in the spot light as more and more Chinese educational establishments are recognized as world leaders within their fields of expertise. This attention has attracted more and more students how wish to learn mandarin in China as well as international students who wish to study and take advantage of the affordable and advanced study course now being offered in China.

As China’s economic power continues to grow, so too does its education system. With Chinese universities now attracting students from all parts of the globe, it will not be too long when educational centers such as Beijing University and Tsinghua University will rank equal to the universities such as Oxford and Yale. What makes them even more appealing is that they will be at a fraction of the price.