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China’s universities are undergoing rapid improvement and expansion.


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Learning Mandarin in China can be Fun and Rewarding

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

When you learn Mandarin in China, you get the total immersion experience that not only helps comprehension and retention, but also shows you how the language is spoken day to day. When you travel abroad to study Chinese in Beijing, you interact with the culture and the people. When you learn Chinese in Beijing, you get real-time knowledge that helps you adapt to the situation and learn how to improvise and adapt, especially if unexpected situations arise.

When you use Global Language, you have a team of language professionals behind you who know what it's like to learn something new in a total-immersion environment. When you choose to learn Chinese in Beijing through Global Language, you have a network of language and total immersion specialists that will work hard to tailor a program specifically to your needs.

It's never been easier to study Chinese in Beijing, though there are a host of options available for those who do. Would you like to teach or volunteer? Or maybe you just want to study privately, while exploring the world of cultural opportunities available in the city. Beijing is a very old city with a rich and varied culture and you might want to learn about it on your own. With Global Language, your program will be mapped out before you even leave, making your more confident than ever in your choice to study abroad.

If you want to learn Mandarin in China, there's never been a better time than now. Discuss your study abroad package with the the folks at Global Learning and get the most out of your trip. They're language professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping people reach their language goals in a total immersion environment that will help them to learn and compete.

Learn Chinese the Right Way—GL makes learning a fun life experience!

Chinese philosopher Laozi once said, learning is like living the life—growing older with learning a lot! Global Language is a new gateway to make learning Chinese a great, fun and productive experience for life. Many top level universities in China have united under the GL programs to offer the best education on language, arts, culture and business lessons for any eager students in all ages. There is no doubt that China has become an economic giant in Asia and in the world. No other country can compete with its massive land, most population, and the booming markets for all resources. There is no time like now to start picking up the learning of Chinese language. Study Mandarin in China becomes the top priority for many business people and college students.

Many DIY learning fails because the language is never learned only from books or cassettes or DVDs. Language is the natural way of communication. Without conversation daily, talking to a native speaker, constantly exchanging and practicing, language is not alive. In GL programs, the students and learners are valued and guaranteed with a solid speaking, writing, hearing progress goal. There are six levels for a student to achieve from speaking none Chinese to be a proficient speaker with more than 3,500 vocabularies! It is done with carefully planned curriculum and excellent, responsible educators. With 12 weeks of the Mandarin program, students are scheduled with four hours per day on pronunciation, reading, writing, grammar training. After class, students are embraced with scheduled fun activities in the local area around Beijing, Shanghai or other cities that the university is. The social events will be the side help for the learners to absorb, get interested, and fall in love with the ancient country. Study in Beijing is extremely popolar among students for its rich culture and beautiful views. Therefore, GL boosts students' s desire and energy to face the challenge when learning the new language.

GL is very proud to provide the most thoughtful programs to satisfy the intelligent individual from all over the world. With as low as $350, one can begin their first level study Chinese in China through the GL program. Study Chinese in China is the only right way to grasp this complicated, ancient language from writing to speaking. Study mandarin in China is made fun and exciting by GL programs. Study in Beijing, or Shanghai, or Guangzhou can help students and learners to live a real Chinese life. Therefore, GL prgrams really create the personal relationship between students and the native speakers--the fun and correct way to make communication effective!

3 Bizarre Jobs In China- The Land OF Opportunity

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The question may want to be asked. Why are people travelling to China to learn Chinese? Why would I want to travel to China to learn Chinese? In simple, Why now? Why China? Why Chinese? The answers to these questions are actually simple. Why Now? Well now could be referred to today and the next one hundred years. No one can predict the future, however the times we are living in now are extremely interesting. Never before has the world experience such a fast and powerfully up and coming country and continent. The shift of economical power from the bankrupt west to the prosperous east is happening at a blind speed pace and there are no signs of it slowing down. So why China? The answer to this question should be why not China? With an exploding ecomonmy expected to outpace the USA within 10 years, a market which has over 1.3 billion people and has barely been taped into, how could you afford not to come to China? Finally why Chinese? Well, because you need to get into China.
According to last year’s national Chinese census, there are currently more than 600,000 foreigners living within China already, and with China's economic rise these numbers are sure to increase. The jobs foreigners find are vastly different depending on experience, education, and in some cases connections. Some find corporate end jobs, others get involved in shipping and export and import, while other get involved with teaching. On the occasion however, job being offered within China are extremely random, strange, and im some cases unbelievable. Below are three examples of some of these weird types of jobs of which foreigners have been offered.

The ‘Face Job': Rent a Foreigner

The ‘face job' refers to Chinese companies hiring foreigners just because they're foreigners. Sounds outrages but it is true. Many companies, including major corporate companies , hire a foreigner to pose as a fake businessman or employee. The motives behind this is because it gives the company an international appearance, and with an international appearance comes professionalism and transparentinty . If you get chosen for a “face job” travelling and decent pay is included into a job which all you have to do is show your face.

The Fake CEO

Similar to the “face job” being hired as a fake CEO is also a common practice in China. One recent story involved an African-American who was pretended to be an oil tycoon from Africa. He dressed in a suit and was picked up in a nice car. He was hired by a Chinese company that wanted to sell their computer technology to another Chinese company that made machinery for oil companies. It worked.

The Fake Girlfriend

The fake girlfriend is also another variant of the “face job.” Chinese go out to hire a fake foreign girlfriend as to have a foreign girlfriend represents a status of openness and modernity, with a steep bank account.  So it is true, China offers a vast array of experiences and opportunities for literally anyone. On the funny note if you are baffled on what type of career to pursue in, then one option is to simply come to China to see where the wind takes you, as China today is truly a world of opportunities.

For more information on Learn Chinese in China, visit

Study Chinese in China

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Many universities around the globe offer students the opportunity to study in China. The costs are affordable with many types of programs available including the option to study in Beijing, to study Mandarin in China and even learn martial arts in China. There are internships in China for those working on their masters and doctorate degrees and students can learn Chinese in China so that they can teach the language in schools and universities upon return to their home country.

With a wide variety of programs available to students from all over the world they can study in Shanghai or they can study in Beijing to learn the history and culture of the city. Students can enjoy summer study abroad in China to earn extra college credits or they may want to learn Mandarin in China while involved in a summer study abroad China program. History majors and even college professors are taking time to study in China because it broadens their knowledge of the country and gives them experience living in an area that they are interested in. With this knowledge and experience while attending a China study abroad program they are able to teach students more effectively because they have spent time in internships in China.

For those who want to learn Chinese in China or learn Chinese in Beijing, the opportunities are endless. The cost is affordable and the university will help you find a place to live. You can find an apartment, a university dorm or live with families that offer students a home. China study abroad is becoming more popular although there are many more Chinese students coming to America than there are American students who study Chinese in China. Don't pass up the opportunity for summer study abroad China to study Chinese in China, to study Chinese in Beijing or study Mandarin in China.

Who wouldn't want to take advantage of a summer study abroad in China? You can study in Shanghai to broaden your knowledge of the city and become acquainted with their way of life. You can learn Mandarin in China, you can learn Chinese in Beijing or study Chinese in Shanghai when you study abroad in China. Many students want to study Chinese in Beijing because of their interest in the city although there are those who prefer to study Chinese in Shanghai. Even those who are interested in martial arts in China are following their dream and learning Kungfu, an ancient Chinese martial arts program taught at many universities in China.

The New Phase of Education

Education plays a more significant role in society now, than it did a few decades ago. However, the cost of education has skyrocketed. This has discouraged parents, children and other people with the dream of getting educated. There has even been debates that even the quality of education at such increased costs has downgraded.

Due to this current state of the education system there has been an increased interest in studying abroad, and for good reasons! It costs less, one has the opportunity to learn a language in the most recommended way, learn about other cultures and get a head start on travelling.

If you are considering studying abroad why not study abroad in China? China is a country with rich culture, friendly natives, recreational activities beyond the norm and real Chinese cuisine. These are all open to you if you study abroad in China. The opportunity to study in Beijing and study in Shanghai is not impossible.

China Study Abroad offers different programs at reasonable and affordable prices. They help with the whole process and ensures comfort from the moment they pick you up from the airport in China to the moment they drop you at the airport to return home.

You are able to learn Chinese in Beijing, or study Chinese in Beijing, learn Mandarin in China and study Mandarin in China , learn Chinese in China, study Chinese in Shanghai in the best possible way - by immersing yourself in the language.

Internships in China are also available with China Study Abroad. China is well on it's way to becoming the next economic superpower so getting an internship would be a great addition to one's resume and the internships in China are also another way to learn Chinese in China or study Chinese in China.

Summer study abroad china is available as well. One can spend the Summer to learn Chinese in Beijing, and learn Mandarin in China also study Chinese in Shanghai and study Mandarin in China. Plus the opportunity to study in China. The options are endless.

Also provided with the Summer Study Abroad China program is you can learn martial arts in China. China is the birthplace of martial arts and if you are in China, why not learn martial arts in China.

China Study Abroad provides the excellent education that everyone desires and values plus opportunities to study in China, study in Beijing, study in Shanghai and Study Chinese In Beijing, Study Chinese In China. It is a small investment that is worth it.

Internships in China: The Best Sectors for Developing Success

Sunday, 8 April 2012

As China continues to grow – it is now the world’s second largest economy – more and more opportunities for business will arise in China. Whereas you may have only considered studying in China previously, there are now plenty of opportunities for interns as well. However, in order to get the most out of your internships in China, you need to understand the bet sectors for growth and developing success. If you are able to pick a high growth sector and impress during your internship, then you will have the chance to be part of China’s continued business growth. Here is a short guide on the best sectors for developing success in China, so that you make sure you get your foot in the right door.

Although still quite a tightly controlled industry, media opportunities are increasing in China’s biggest cities. With large foreign populations, there are great opportunities to get involved in local expat magazines and even in some of the state-owned newspapers. Many of these places take on interns and give them the chance to write, edit and report. Not only do you get to see some of China’s modern cultural environment, but you also get to build on your Chinese language skills in a wide variety of situations. This will also look great on your CV, and may even lead to a job opportunity that you can take up after your study abroad China program finishes. Whether you enjoy dining, music, culture or fashion, there are great opportunities to intern in some of China’s English and Chinese language publications.
Another sector where China is seeing a huge amount of growth is in new energy and eco-friendly products. Solar power and products as well as other environmentally-friendly technologies are at the forefront of China’s high-tech industry, and due to China’s investment in this sector there are also a large number of foreign companies getting involved. If you have a scientific background, or just a real interest in new energy, then this is a great sector in which to look for opportunities. Although harder to get into than the media sector, with significant growth predicted in the coming years this is a potentially very profitable sector to be involved in. If your Mandarin language skills are at a high level and you have some background in a science field, then you are more likely to be able to find opportunities in this sector.

Retail and luxury markets are also huge growth areas in China, and possibly an area where you can combine your Chinese language lessons with a variety of work opportunities. From retail opportunities to marketing, sales and corporate openings, there are internship possibilities within this sector, particularly if you study in Beijing or study in Shanghai where the demand for top brands and disposable income is highest. If you put your Chinese language lessons to good use, soon you could get yourself one of the Louis Vuitton bags that are so prized in the Chinese market.

China’s continued growth presents plenty of opportunities to take advantage of internships in China, particularly for those who have worked hard on their Mandarin skills.

Best Mandarin Study in China – A guide to Shanghai and Beijing Universities

Friday, 16 March 2012

If you are planning for a Mandarin study in China there are three institutions that you can pursue. You can study in Beijing at the Beijing Language and Cultural University, at Tsinghua University or at Peking University; all these are well reputed centers of excellence in humanity, arts and cultural studies. There are many places to visit while here to make your Chinese study in Beijing more interesting and fulfilling. These include the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, and of course the Great Wall of China plus a host of temples, monuments, shrines and sights to behold.

On the other hand, if you plan to study in Shanghai, there are also fine universities to choose from including the Fu Dan, Ocean and Shanghai Jiao Tong Universities. During your study in Shanghai you will find many places of interest as Shanghai is the commerce, finance, fashion, culture, and technology hub of China., arguably the best study in China agency, can guide and help you to secure opportunities in these Beijing and Shanghai universities plus offer any other assistance that you may require in planning for your stay there.

Internships in China courtesy of Global Language Limited

At China study abroad agency, students not only get a fantastic and easy way to learn Chinese in Beijing or Shanghai but they also get an opportunity to enhance their CVs by landing internships in China. In the course of our Summer, Fall or Spring programs, students are put through an intensive Chinese language course which is then followed by part or full-time internship. This program is especially suitable for young professionals, university students and recent graduates looking to gather work experience while simultaneously building their CVs.

It is not compulsory to be fluent in Mandarin so as to qualify for our internships in China since in the first place you are looking to learn and perfect your command of the language. The purpose of our China study abroad program is to help you achieve an international outlook of the world and to meet and exchange ideas with your peers. The internship will therefore enhance your knowledge as you learn Chinese in Beijing or Shanghai.

Study Chinese in Shanghai: A Cosmopolitan Lifestyle

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Apart from the great academic opportunities that Shanghai offers, the chance to study Chinese in Shanghai also gives you an opportunity to live a more cosmopolitan lifestyle than almost anywhere else in China. Shanghai is a global city with a huge variety of exciting pastimes and opportunities, if you only know where to look. In order to get the most out of your time learning Mandarin in Shanghai, here are some tips on where to find culture, mix with interesting people and engage in a varied and enriching list of activities.

When you want to take a break from the classroom but still get in some study time, then Shanghai’s café culture is the perfect choice. Favourite venues in Shanghai include the Old China Hand Book Room and L’s Book Café and Wine, both of which are cozy venues where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee whilst sitting in comfort and catching up on your latest Mandarin language lesson notes. These cafes are also a great place for a quiet night out, or offer an informal yet practical option for an afternoon meeting. These are places where daydreamers and intellectuals alike gather, and they offer a counterpoint to the usual preconception that Shanghai is only about commerce.

If café culture is getting bigger, it is still some way behind Shanghai’s truly world-class restaurant and bar scenes. With all types of food from around the globe and some of the trendiest, most interesting bars in Asia, Shanghai has exciting eating and nightlife for all budget levels. However, for a real treat you can try the Alchemist Cocktail Kitchen, where molecular gastronomy and unique cocktails combine in a truly elegant location.

A nice dinner and an evening out isn’t all Shanghai has to offer away from your study abroad program. In order to make the most of your Mandarin language lessons, it is important to take in the culture and history of China. Shanghai has its own unique areas of culture, particularly in the visual arts. In order to contextualise your Chinese language study with cultural references, go and visit the Shanghai Museum in People’s Park. This large museum has a comprehensive collection of jade, bronze, ceramics and sculpture, but it is the traditional paintings that steal the show.

Shanghai has long developed its own style of painting, and the Shanghai Museum has some of the best examples in China of this beautiful art form. This will give real cultural significance to your Chinese study in Shanghai.

Shanghai’s charm is that it combines the ancient culture of China with many modern and Western values. This is often referred to as hai pai culture, and makes Shanghai unique amongst Chinese cities. This is the place where you can take part in a tea ceremony one day, and then eat at a fancy Italian restaurant at the top of a skyscraper the next.

Whilst you will certainly be busy during your time in Shanghai, the cosmopolitan lifestyle you can lead makes it truly inspiring to study Chinese in Shanghai.

Where to find help about studying in China

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

China’s global prominence is already quite clear. The world is turning towards the East not just for business but for education as well. Many people wrongly believe that they can only go to study mandarin in China or learn Chinese in Beijing and nothing else. Whereas there are excellent opportunities to learn Mandarin in China, there are many other fine study programs that one can pursue besides languages.

China has numerous world class universities such as Peking University and Fudan University which offer a number of courses to foreign students including business, history, philosophy, sciences and arts. Foreign students therefore need not go to just study Mandarin in China or learn Mandarin in China because there are other attractive courses they can pursue.

If you would like to explore all the courses you can pursue in Chinese universities then you need to visit We have compiled a list of universities in various Chinese cities and the courses they offer together with all information you might need concerning education in China. So, if you just want to learn Chinese in Beijing or wish to study for other degrees, begin your sojourn by visiting our website.

Take advantage of summer internships to improve your Mandarin

One of the best ways to sharpen a skill is by practicing it and especially if you are learning a foreign language. Internships are a good way of putting the skills you are learning into use as you continue to improve.

If you are a foreign student who has opted to China study abroad and you want to improve your proficiency in the Mandarin language then you can enroll in one of the internships in China. This will give you an opportunity to practice the language and to interact with other students and professionals. It will also expose you to the real world of business from a Chinese perspective which is a fast growing economy. Such hands-on after a summer study abroad China experience is definitely good for your resume as you prepare for a future business career.

There are many internships in China that are available to foreign students who want to pursue China study abroad but you will need assistance to get yourself into one. Such assistance plus plenty of information about summer study abroad China is available at

Study Chinese In Beijing And See The Great Wall

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Great Wall of China is Chinese symbol to self and to the world. It is represented on bank notes, used on automobiles and wines, mentioned in the nation anthem, even the great Chairman Mao once stated “ you are not a good Han (Chinese) if you have not been to the Great Wall.” When you study Chinese in Beijing, there is no excuse for you not to see one of the man-made wonders of the world.

From East to West, the wall stretches about 6,000km, or roughly the distance between New York to L.A.

From Shanhaiguan on the Yellow Sea to the Gobi Desert's Jiayuguan this fortress was considered the last outpost of civilization before one reached the Mongols to the North.

When you study Chinese in Beijing, you will learn that construction of the wall began in the Qin dynasty (221-207BC) after China was united under one flag. The wall was not constructed all at once however, as following dynasties expanded and repaired this “lengthy beast.”It was during the Ming dynasty when the wall started to look as we recognize it today. During this period bricks and stone was used to expand and support previous construction. It was also during this period that the wall received its most attention on expansion. It is estimated that over one million workers died during the walls construction; hence the wall acquired a nickname “the longest graveyard in the world.” These workers were either forced labours or convicts. When you study Chinese in Beijing, you will learn more about the construction of the Great Wall in class.

The purpose behind the construction of the Great Wall was to help prevent the continuous barbarian raids from the north. Ironically as you study Chinese in Beijing, you will learn that the wall was of little effect as the human elements responsible for its construction, were responsible for its lack of use.

Both the Mongols who established the Yuan dynasty and the Manchus who established the Qing dynasty tricked and bribed their way around the wall and successfully invaded China.

Today there are areas which have been totally renovated and which attract tourists both from abroad and from within. Other areas have been left to the elements of time, crumbling and difficult to get to.

Being such a heavily visited tourist attraction there are numerous ways to get the Great Wall. Tourist buses, taxis, and private tour buses are usually the most convenient way to arrive. Information on this can be found at a hotel if you are visiting, if you currently study Chinese in Beijing, Global Language will help arrange this for you, or simply search on the internet for affordable transportation. If you decide to simply jump in a taxi to the Great Wall, be sure to agree on a price with the taxi driver before you go. Below is a list of three areas on the Great Wall worth visiting.

Badaling 八达岭
Badaling is one of the most renovated parts of the wall, and probably the easiest part of the wall to reach from Beijing. It is this section of the wall where international world leaders are taken. It is here where you can also step into the Great Wall Museum.

Mutianyu 慕田峪
Mutianyu, like Badaling, offers cable cars and rides to reach the top of the wall. The view here is stunning, maybe even slightly better that at Badaling.

Simatai 司马台
Simatai is a more difficult part of the wall to reach however it offers the best view of all. The wall runs along sheer cliffs that plunge hundreds of metres down mountainsides. Like Badaling and Mutianyu, Simatai has a cable car with can take you to the highest point on the wall.

When you study Chinese in Beijing, expect that you will be taken on a trip to see the Great Wall.

Tsinghua University – Excellent Chinese Language Study Course Destination

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

One of the most reputed institutions where you can learn Mandarin in China is the Tsinghua University. It is a regular on the best universities in China ratings and has consequently earned itself the title “MIT of China”. This renowned institution was established back in 1911 and is located in Beijing’s Haidian district. It is guided by the dictums of self discipline, social commitment and dedication to academic excellence. This university is favored for its multidisciplinary approach and which allows students to take up Chinese language study courses in addition to a variety of other studies.

Tsinghua University boasts a couple of schools including the Tsighua Law School, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Business and Management, Academy of Arts and Design and School of Public Policy and Management. With a population of 28,000 out which 2,500 are international students, you can rest assured of enjoying the company of many local and foreign students as you take your Chinese language study course. will help you to make all arrangements needed for a comfortable yet fruitful learning experience here.

Study Chinese in Beijing – Get the right facilitators

Everyone looking to have a career with an international outlook should consider learning Chinese as a second language considering China’s influence on the world economic scene. However, this language, with its different dialects, can be quite difficult to muster and this is why many people choose to study Chinese in Beijing so that they can be among its native speakers. This way you can directly be able to learn the expressions, intonations, and other depths of the language.

Mandarin study in China is provided by several universities notable among them the Beijing Language and Cultural University (BLCU) and Tsinghua University among others which have very good programs offered in durations of 4, 6 or 8 weeks or even as semester academic years.

It is generally hard to personally plan your study in China, after all this is a country that is foreign to you. For this reason many people depend on with regards to its vast experience in formulating study Chinese in Beijing programs which consider everything from tuition, accommodation and medical insurance, to even trips around China.

Learn Mandarin in China at the Renowned Beijing Language and Cultural University

One of the best locations where you can obtain Chinese language courses in China has to be the Beijing Language and Cultural University (BLCU). After all, it was the first institution of higher learning in China that was created to cater for foreign students looking to learn Mandarin in China.

BLCU was established in the 1950s and is located in Beijing’s Haidan District in close proximity to other top universities. It was established at a time when the teaching of Chinese as an international language was still in its early stages and as such BLCU played a significant role in the development of this course.
Beijing Language and Cultural University is renowned for its wide mix of students of different nationalities and who currently form 10000 of its 14500 total student population. BLCU therefore gives you a rare and exciting opportunity to learn Mandarin in China while being in the midst of people of diverse cultures. is a guide that you can trust to provide all the assistance necessary in finding a Chinese language study experience like no other at BLCU.

Shopping Outings for those who Learn Chinese in China

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Four words which sound excitingly fascinating today but impossible 10 years ago “Learn Chinese in China.” Students who jump on the opportunity to explore, experience, and taste this exotic land never look back

China is the fasting growing nation in the world, combine this with the largest population in the world and you have the recipe for the largest economic giant this planet has ever seen. China has already surpassed Japan in the #2 spot for largest economies, and it is expected to surpass the USA for #1 spot within 10-15 years.

For those who do decide to learn Chinese in China get prepared to engage in language courses that are very challenging. Chinese is completely different to any western language. Outside of the classroom it is important to mix hard studying with fun times and local interaction. One fun-time activity which gets students practicing the language materials learned in class is shopping and with China known as the “Factory of the world” shopping options in cities such as Beijing can be limitless

Panjiayuan- Beijing
Panjiayuan is an experience in itself and is one great place for those who learn Chinese in China to begin their shopping excursions. It is located near the heart of the city next to the Temple of Heaven. In the large courtyard, salesmen sit in rows with blankets filled with various vases, jewellery, china, statuettes, pearls, Mao-related items and more curiosities. There are a hundred or so small shops around the yard so get prepared to stay for awhile. As with all outdoor shopping markets within China, for those who learn Chinese in China it is important to bargain and to use Chinese when doing so. This will separate you from the tourist group allowing you to receive cheaper prices. One must bargain hard however, as it is expected and required when on the lookout for a good idea

Salespeople and Recommendations
Salespeople are friendly and professional. They know what they are doing! When you receive an initial price for an item come back with a price half that and say that is all you can afford. From here start bargaining. Remember the old “walk away” trick. If things start to head for a stalemate then walk away. If the seller really wants a sell he/she will call you back. It works 8 out of 10 times.

Global Language sees the importance in social interaction with locals, and shopping outings serve as a fun activity which gets students out and practicing the materials they learnt in the classroom. Students will be taken to a variety of shopping “hotspots” all the time being accompanied by staff who are fluent in both Chinese and English. Tips, advise, safety, and entertainment will all be supplied allowing for those who learn Chinese in China to “let their hair down” enjoy the moment and learn the language

Other outings will also be included such as restaurant outings; nightlife outings; and cultural outings. All of these activities are based on one principle, “to safely get students mingling within Chinese cultural, allowing them to flourish and get them on the path to Mandarin language fluency.”

Study Chinese and Martial Arts in China

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Many people are interested in learning martial arts in China but there is always some difficulty in making the requisite arrangements and especially if you do not know where and how to begin. With the help of you will not only get direct links to an institution that offers martial arts lessons aka Wushu but also where you can study Chinese in Beijing or Shanghai.

Many students who are training in martial arts in China also attend Mandarin classes after their training sessions, and of late this has become a popular option especially with foreign students. We have already helped many people to land the opportunity to study Chinese in Shanghai and Beijing, and other than Wushu we can help to place you in institutions where you can also learn Taiji quan/tai-chi and Qigong, Chang quan, and SanDa or Shanshou. is your ideal link to the Beijing Sport University (BSU), the institution that is renowned for nurturing some of China’s greatest martial arts athletes and coaches. This is also a fine institution in which to study Chinese in Beijing thanks to its teaching professionals and access to the latest Mandarin language teaching materials.

Learn Chinese in Beijing at Tsinghua University

Many people are looking to learn Mandarin in China as this way they can eventually manage to be at par with the original speakers of this language. One of the best locations where you can learn Chinese in Beijing is Tsinghua University and which is commonly referred to as “the MIT of China”. Its multidisciplinary approach which allows students to learn the Chinese language plus any other subject is what makes this institution popular as a center of excellence.

At we help students who are looking to learn Mandarin in China in making the necessary arrangements for a smooth transition and a comfortable and productive stay while there. We have wide experience in facilitating learn Chinese in Beijing programs and we also have all the details you may need to secure a learning opportunity at Tsinghua University.

Whatever stage you are in Mandarin, be it a total beginner or proficient, we will have you sorted out in our summer, single semester or full academic year programs. What’s more, we will arrange for your accommodation, internship opportunities, and even tours around China.

Chinese Universities Are Becoming World Renown – Learn Mandarin in China

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Modern China has become a land full of growth and opportunity. The dragon has begun to awake and at the heart of its fire is education. Education is a huge part of China’s dynamic new economy. Scientists, researchers, and teachers are looked upon as super stars and role models. With this new found attitude and thirst for education, Chinese universities are becoming world-class centers of learning and research attracting many not only in pursuit of bachelors and MBA’s, but also those who wish to learn Mandarin in China

Chinese education is both meaningful and rewarding as universities are becoming leaders in their field thru class room curriculum and with up-to-date facilities which are gradually becoming more advanced than their western counterparts. For those who wish to learn Mandarin in China or take advantage of the affordable world-class education then there is simply no better time than now.

Over the past three decades China’s economic has developed at rates never seen before in recent human history. Within 30 years it has been able to transform itself from one of the poorest countries in the world to a regional and global leader with a vibrant economy. Since 1980, the average annual growth rate for the nation has equaled out to about 10% – more than twice the United States and the European Union. China is now the world’s second largest economy and if growth continues at this rate, China is expected to outpace the USA within 10 to 15 years making itself the world’s number one largest economic power. This growth pattern makes it all the more important to learn mandarin in China as you will experience and understand the world’s largest market.

With this rapid advancement of economic growth, Chinese universities have also grown and reeked in the benefits of such a vibrant active economy. Students in China have an opportunity like never before to learn about Chinese language and culture. As China continues to play a larger and larger role in the global economy, Chinese universities will continue play a larger and larger role in quality domestic education.  These home grown talents graduating from Chinese universities will have the skills essential for future international business, science and more.

In order to meet the demand of future intellectuals, Chinese universities provide practically all forms of programs and courses available. If China does not offer it, no one will offer it. Economics, business, engineering and medicine are some of the more popular programs for international students who do not learn mandarin in China.

The fact is that over the past 30 years, China has been able to transform itself from the core outwards. Within the heart of the dragon lies education. Chinese universities are seen as the fundamental necessity of producing intellects which will go on and develop the nation further. This emphasis on education has pushed Chinese universities in the spot light as more and more Chinese educational establishments are recognized as world leaders within their fields of expertise. This attention has attracted more and more students how wish to learn mandarin in China as well as international students who wish to study and take advantage of the affordable and advanced study course now being offered in China.

As China’s economic power continues to grow, so too does its education system. With Chinese universities now attracting students from all parts of the globe, it will not be too long when educational centers such as Beijing University and Tsinghua University will rank equal to the universities such as Oxford and Yale. What makes them even more appealing is that they will be at a fraction of the price.