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Internships in China: The Best Sectors for Developing Success

Sunday, 8 April 2012

As China continues to grow – it is now the world’s second largest economy – more and more opportunities for business will arise in China. Whereas you may have only considered studying in China previously, there are now plenty of opportunities for interns as well. However, in order to get the most out of your internships in China, you need to understand the bet sectors for growth and developing success. If you are able to pick a high growth sector and impress during your internship, then you will have the chance to be part of China’s continued business growth. Here is a short guide on the best sectors for developing success in China, so that you make sure you get your foot in the right door.

Although still quite a tightly controlled industry, media opportunities are increasing in China’s biggest cities. With large foreign populations, there are great opportunities to get involved in local expat magazines and even in some of the state-owned newspapers. Many of these places take on interns and give them the chance to write, edit and report. Not only do you get to see some of China’s modern cultural environment, but you also get to build on your Chinese language skills in a wide variety of situations. This will also look great on your CV, and may even lead to a job opportunity that you can take up after your study abroad China program finishes. Whether you enjoy dining, music, culture or fashion, there are great opportunities to intern in some of China’s English and Chinese language publications.
Another sector where China is seeing a huge amount of growth is in new energy and eco-friendly products. Solar power and products as well as other environmentally-friendly technologies are at the forefront of China’s high-tech industry, and due to China’s investment in this sector there are also a large number of foreign companies getting involved. If you have a scientific background, or just a real interest in new energy, then this is a great sector in which to look for opportunities. Although harder to get into than the media sector, with significant growth predicted in the coming years this is a potentially very profitable sector to be involved in. If your Mandarin language skills are at a high level and you have some background in a science field, then you are more likely to be able to find opportunities in this sector.

Retail and luxury markets are also huge growth areas in China, and possibly an area where you can combine your Chinese language lessons with a variety of work opportunities. From retail opportunities to marketing, sales and corporate openings, there are internship possibilities within this sector, particularly if you study in Beijing or study in Shanghai where the demand for top brands and disposable income is highest. If you put your Chinese language lessons to good use, soon you could get yourself one of the Louis Vuitton bags that are so prized in the Chinese market.

China’s continued growth presents plenty of opportunities to take advantage of internships in China, particularly for those who have worked hard on their Mandarin skills.


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