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3 Bizarre Jobs In China- The Land OF Opportunity

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The question may want to be asked. Why are people travelling to China to learn Chinese? Why would I want to travel to China to learn Chinese? In simple, Why now? Why China? Why Chinese? The answers to these questions are actually simple. Why Now? Well now could be referred to today and the next one hundred years. No one can predict the future, however the times we are living in now are extremely interesting. Never before has the world experience such a fast and powerfully up and coming country and continent. The shift of economical power from the bankrupt west to the prosperous east is happening at a blind speed pace and there are no signs of it slowing down. So why China? The answer to this question should be why not China? With an exploding ecomonmy expected to outpace the USA within 10 years, a market which has over 1.3 billion people and has barely been taped into, how could you afford not to come to China? Finally why Chinese? Well, because you need to get into China.
According to last year’s national Chinese census, there are currently more than 600,000 foreigners living within China already, and with China's economic rise these numbers are sure to increase. The jobs foreigners find are vastly different depending on experience, education, and in some cases connections. Some find corporate end jobs, others get involved in shipping and export and import, while other get involved with teaching. On the occasion however, job being offered within China are extremely random, strange, and im some cases unbelievable. Below are three examples of some of these weird types of jobs of which foreigners have been offered.

The ‘Face Job': Rent a Foreigner

The ‘face job' refers to Chinese companies hiring foreigners just because they're foreigners. Sounds outrages but it is true. Many companies, including major corporate companies , hire a foreigner to pose as a fake businessman or employee. The motives behind this is because it gives the company an international appearance, and with an international appearance comes professionalism and transparentinty . If you get chosen for a “face job” travelling and decent pay is included into a job which all you have to do is show your face.

The Fake CEO

Similar to the “face job” being hired as a fake CEO is also a common practice in China. One recent story involved an African-American who was pretended to be an oil tycoon from Africa. He dressed in a suit and was picked up in a nice car. He was hired by a Chinese company that wanted to sell their computer technology to another Chinese company that made machinery for oil companies. It worked.

The Fake Girlfriend

The fake girlfriend is also another variant of the “face job.” Chinese go out to hire a fake foreign girlfriend as to have a foreign girlfriend represents a status of openness and modernity, with a steep bank account.  So it is true, China offers a vast array of experiences and opportunities for literally anyone. On the funny note if you are baffled on what type of career to pursue in, then one option is to simply come to China to see where the wind takes you, as China today is truly a world of opportunities.

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