The Global Language Mandarin Programs are about pure immersion in China


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China’s universities are undergoing rapid improvement and expansion.


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Learn Chinese the Right Way—GL makes learning a fun life experience!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Chinese philosopher Laozi once said, learning is like living the life—growing older with learning a lot! Global Language is a new gateway to make learning Chinese a great, fun and productive experience for life. Many top level universities in China have united under the GL programs to offer the best education on language, arts, culture and business lessons for any eager students in all ages. There is no doubt that China has become an economic giant in Asia and in the world. No other country can compete with its massive land, most population, and the booming markets for all resources. There is no time like now to start picking up the learning of Chinese language. Study Mandarin in China becomes the top priority for many business people and college students.

Many DIY learning fails because the language is never learned only from books or cassettes or DVDs. Language is the natural way of communication. Without conversation daily, talking to a native speaker, constantly exchanging and practicing, language is not alive. In GL programs, the students and learners are valued and guaranteed with a solid speaking, writing, hearing progress goal. There are six levels for a student to achieve from speaking none Chinese to be a proficient speaker with more than 3,500 vocabularies! It is done with carefully planned curriculum and excellent, responsible educators. With 12 weeks of the Mandarin program, students are scheduled with four hours per day on pronunciation, reading, writing, grammar training. After class, students are embraced with scheduled fun activities in the local area around Beijing, Shanghai or other cities that the university is. The social events will be the side help for the learners to absorb, get interested, and fall in love with the ancient country. Study in Beijing is extremely popolar among students for its rich culture and beautiful views. Therefore, GL boosts students' s desire and energy to face the challenge when learning the new language.

GL is very proud to provide the most thoughtful programs to satisfy the intelligent individual from all over the world. With as low as $350, one can begin their first level study Chinese in China through the GL program. Study Chinese in China is the only right way to grasp this complicated, ancient language from writing to speaking. Study mandarin in China is made fun and exciting by GL programs. Study in Beijing, or Shanghai, or Guangzhou can help students and learners to live a real Chinese life. Therefore, GL prgrams really create the personal relationship between students and the native speakers--the fun and correct way to make communication effective!


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